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 Our mission: To produce independent text with a focus on quality and an emphasis on honesty.


The Phoenix Rebel is committed to advancing our local music industry. 

We believe we have suffered from a lack of central authority. Where magazines and newspapers once provided exclusive content we could trust, social media prevails at present; drama and fake news for one and all! Too few of us are aware of the misguidance inherent in social media, and too many of us are too willing to be lead astray. Never mind how difficult it is to use those same platforms to figure out who's playing, who anyone is, or what's happening in upcoming months. Just deciding what shows to see this weekend would require visiting at least three or thirty different Facebook pages, and finding a specific flyer, band, or podcast is even worse. Meanwhile, our scene continues to deteriorate as we become ever more isolated from each other - separated behind barriers of smart screens, and fed by WiFi beams - instead of being out and enjoying music together. 

We strive to improve our situation by offering home-grown text (quality writing, videos and images) that you CAN count on as both sincere and factual. We will not publish anything that we cannot verify, and we promise to present at least two sides to every story. Our opinion pieces and editorials will be called-out so as to be identifiable as what they are. Further, in an effort to keep ourselves on the up-and-up, we hereby swear fealty to no-one. Our goal is to keep it real. The contributors to our little 'zine aren't doing this for money or popularity. We contribute because we love music, we love our city, and it's high time we set the bar for future generations. While we don't endeavor to replace more renowned publications, it is our hope that this provides some small measure of comfort to our neighborhood scenesters: At least here, you can be assured that what you see is what you get. 

 If you are interested in becoming a contributor, please email: contribute2rebel@gmail.com


We are 100% unfiltered and unashamed.


Because we are so indie, and we owe our allegiance to no one, we can and will give you the 'real' real. We don't have any asses to kiss or any corporate sponsors to keep. 


Curious about what's what and who's who? Would a genuine review be a refreshing change? Want a peak at what's next for the Phoenix music scene? 

You've come to the right place.

 Have an idea & want us to talk about it? Please email: contribute2rebel@gmail.com

Rock on, Phoenix!

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

-The First Amendment, Bill of Rights

Passed by Congress on September 25, 1789, and ratified December 15, 1791

"Every person may freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right."

-Article 2, Section 6, Declaration of Rights, Arizona Constitution

Written in 1910, and adopted by voters in 1911