Explicitly Yours

[Bleep], Dr*gs, & Rock-N-Roll

Brought to you by Ms. Natalie Rose, Arizona's very own sex-curious music enthusiast and podcast host.

Ms. Rose enjoys playing local music on her show, interviewing bands, plugging special events, baking cookies, long walks on the beach and the soothing sounds of punk rock (though her show is not necessarily genre specific).

BE FORWARNED! This podcast often focuses on themes that are graphic in nature; ADULTS ONLY! ***DO NOT LISTEN if you may be offended by explicit content.

To contact Ms. Rose, or to submit a song for her podcast, please email: NaughtybyNatty@gmail.com, subject line: Podcast

If submitting a song, please include wording in the body of your email that gives the podcast permission to air the content.

Naughty by Natty Podcast Episodes:

Listen from the Anchor page: CLICK HERE!

You can also find Natty on GOOGLE PODCASTS, SPOTIFY, and through POCKET CASTS.


We got a little something for you too!

Behind every awe-inspiring woman... there might be one cool dude! In this case, Natty's punk-rock hubby, Gio (lead vocals and rhythm guitar for squA²red), has not one - but TWO - of his own podcasts! If you're looking for real talk, check it out!