Crash Overdrive, an abnormally witty "whipper snapper" and surveyor of the local music scene, mines social media for scandalous gossip and randy rumors to share with those of us who just 'have better things to do with our time.' A diva-loving diva himself, Crash is dedicated to creating a sarcastic weekly video montage that "calls it like it is."

Want Crash to share your secret? Send submissions to contribute2rebel@gmail.com, subject line "Crash."

Friday Night Gossip - a la Crash Overdrive - November 5, 2021

Crash Overdrive Vol 2.mp4

Friday Night Gossip - a la Crash Overdrive - October 29, 2021

Crash Overdrive Vol 1.mp4

Unscripted with Crash Overdrive - July 2022